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I've been on a strange difficult trip for a bit here (this pandemic chapter (plus transit Neptune conjoining my Ascendant) really triggered some old deep trauma programs...)

It's been a very "interesting" time to become the president of our local NCGR chapter...

I've been making sure that we keep up with hosting two events per month, but haven't done so well on updating this site, communicating with clients, promoting my own business, or publishing anything at all.

Now that our Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces (on my Ascendant!) is almost here (and the pandemic is (fingers crossed) backing off), I'm excited to get the gears turning again, and to announce a new offering:

Free Conversations 

and Mini Consultations (starting at $20) 

Live at the wonderful and magical sanctuary ofMagus Books & Herbs in NE Minneapolis


2:00 to 6:00 pm

Come on in if you can (some enlivening connections and magical synchronicities have started aligning here...)

These are also "open office hours," so free conversations and sliding scale mini readings are also available in this window 

Come stop by if you get a chance!

-Adam (612) 237-6690


Vernal Equinox Celebration 

hosted by the North Star Astrology Guild 

Sunday March 20th - 5:00 to 6:30 pm on Zoom

(more details soon) 

Come to the Aries-Centered Roundtable

Hosted by NCGR North Star Astrology 

Sunday, March 27th is the next Twin Cities Astrology Roundtable!

4:30 to 6:00 pm Central

This monthly Zoom meeting hosted by the North Star Astrology Guild is a roundtable discussion of our current Sun sign and related influences

This month's meeting will focus on the sign of Aries, and its ruling planet, Mars.

We'll start with brief intros of all present - meet fellow astrologers! - and after a short overview from our host, we will all have opportunities to share our insights, ideas, and questions about the sign/ruling planets.

Anything you would like to share that connects with the sign and its ruler is welcome, whether its via transit, natal chart, questions, or your own experiences.

Time permitting, discussions of other current transits or events will be included.

All beings and all levels of experience are welcome in this circle. Come share and grow with the Astrology Roundtable.

Donations to support North Star Astrology (our local chapter of NCGR) are welcome but not required

(link to registration page coming)

(It will probably go up on the North Star Astrology page a little before I remember to put it up here)

Twin Cities Astrology Roundtable

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