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About the Artist 

Adam is an intuitive and heart-centered astrologer whose original and many-petaled approaches to the art help his clients to find the soul treasures buried in these complex adventures on planet earth. Adam was born with the Sun in nurturing Cancer, the Moon in empathic (and light-hearted) Libra, and sensitive, intuitive Pisces rising. 

He's currently serving as President for the NCGR North Star Astrology Guild

Adam holds a compassionate, sacred, and humor-filled space for his clients, and guides them to deeper healing, self-confidence, and fulfillment. He’s been studying and experimenting with empowering guidance from the living sky since 1999, unveiling deep treasures of sacred belonging and practical inspiration for himself and many others along the way.

After surviving a traumatic brain injury in a car accident during his senior year of high school in 1997, Adam headed off the beaten path in search of healing and deeper meaning that his accident initiated. His search led him to an encounter with a wise elder who showed him how to cast charts and follow transits, and helped him to learn that his accident was an important initiation and turning point, not a painful curse.

Adam’s search for bigger answers continued. He wandered the west coast, studied yoga at Kalani Honua in Hawaii, became a well-trained massage therapist in the mountains of Northern California at Heartwood Institute, became a single father in 2005, and found his quest for deeper wisdom from all of life’s confusing ebbs and flows assisted again and again by the magic of the living sky.

Adam taught his first introductory class in 2008, and started a practice in Arcata, California (alongside his massage practice) in 2010. A reading with Adam will help you to find renewed confidence and faith in your path, and clarify and magnetize deeper understandings about the treasures you’re carrying.


Adam is a musician, and a certified leader of the Dances of Universal Peace. He's an initiate in the Sufi Ruhaniat order, (someday again) hosting monthly sacred musical gatherings, and working to build good mystical musical community with the Dances of Universal Peace North America.

Playful Heart Astrology

by Adam Wolter

4125 Snelling Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55406

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