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About Me
I started my studies of astrology in 1999, as a 20-year-old seeker with a healthy dose of skepticism. When the teacher I’d befriended (Joseph Osowski) convinced me to try following the risings and settings of the planets, and transits of the planets to my natal chart, I was dumbstruck by the undeniable, precisely timed connections I found again and again.

I was amazed by the irrefutable connections, but I wasn't sure of the healing utility of this art until I saw the comparison chart for a major car wreck that changed my life. That event, which left me with short-term memory loss, chronic back pain, and some deep dark trauma had also awakened in me a new thirst for touching deeper truths and sacredness with my life. I had doubted the gift of my accident because all external evidence told me I should curse my misfortune.

When I saw the Star of David that was drawn in that comparison chart, I knew that my accident was not an accident at all, and an old injury became a sacred gift.

I’ve been on a mission since (and goodness knows I've lost some skeptical friends on the way), learning and refining effective techniques for empowering others with the  relevant magic that the living sky has to offer. All of our experiences are gifts, and good astrology will help you to illuminate and integrate your gifts, and get to cooking with them.

I have studied and experimented with many astrological techniques and honed a toolkit that helps me to appropriately tailor each consultation individually.

I've taken two intensives with evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest (my favorite author and teacher) and taken a couple of workshops with Kim Marie (I'm currently focused on continuing my studies with her Evolutionary Astrology Network, Jeffrey Wolf Green's school). I've also studied with Moses Siregar, Carlin Diamond, Estelle Daniels, and Martin Bulgerin, as well as a few other professionals and enthusiasts.

I decided to turn my passion for astrology into a profession in 2009 (as Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron aligned in Aquarius), and now it is my full-time practice.

I've worked for years as a massage therapist and holistic health practitioner, but have decided to put all of my love into my favorite healing modality, astrology. I also use Emotional Freedom Technique with clients frequently, and offer holistic health suggestions and referrals.

I'm a very involved member of the Twin Cities astrological community. I've been living and working in California (9yrs), and Maine (2yrs) for most of the last 12 years, and it's been wonderful to return to my first home. I frequently offer mini readings and classes at events and parties, and love public speaking opportunities.

I'm also a musician (guitar, cello, and voice), a father, a juggler, a Universal Sufi, and a men's work (ManKind Project) enthusiast. Feel free to call if you'd like to meet more of me.
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