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Your birth chart is a mandala of guidance that's always unfolding. The sacred stories written on this living map describe your soul's history, important dynamics of all your relationships, and drop some great hints about your soul's intentions for this adventure on planet earth: The sticky stuff you're here to get stuck in, the timings of your big lessons, windows of challenge and opportunity that will unearth buried treasures...

The songs of the celestial spheres sing the harmonies of creation, and a consultation can help you to remember the truth of your innate, immutable wholeness, and to see more of the beauty you came here to witness.  

On this site:

  • An empowering reading will change your life- over the phone or internet (for the moment). Find out more about the consultation packages I offer here: Readings with Adam
  • Study Astrology! This stuff is evolutionary rocket fuel, and I love to help creatures to get cooking: Events and Classes

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Astrological Calendar April

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 (And a cheat sheet if you don't know the symbol lingo yet)

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