Innate Wholeness Astrology - Magnetize Your Destiny

A reading with Saleem will put the power back in your hands, and help you to find more clarity, confidence, and trust in your sacred journey through this world.

All readings are tailored to fit, and include a recording of the session, copies of the charts discussed, and follow-up insights and resources.

Once you've booked an appointment, you'll receive an intake email (within the next 24 hours) with questions that will help you to get a session that fits well.
(Sliding scale available for those in need- inquire by email) 

Full Reading plus a Follow-Up Session   
  $222 - First Time
 $180 - Return Client

This package includes a full two-hour in-person reading which will shed light on the messages of your natal chart and current transits and progressions, and also a one-hour follow-up reading (over the phone or in person). 

These sessions can focus more on an in-depth interpretation of your birth chart, and just peek at the major influences that are currently hitting your chart, or it can be more of a current events/higher-destiny-magnetizing package. Either way, you'll find new appreciation for and clarity about the adventures you're on. Find new strength to receive the gifts of this life that you've come to enjoy.
Between the two sessions, you'll receive interpretation files, some guidance and homework, and an intake form for the follow-up reading (within the next 2 months)
The follow-up session will be a whole other shorter reading that is sometimes a review of and deepening of the messages of the first, and sometimes is a whole new adventure.
Full Reading  
 $180 - First Time 
 $120 - Return Client
Absorbing the gifts of your birth chart can (and does!) take a lifetime, but one full reading with Saleem will get some of those treasures right out on the table, and help you to find your light to face the challenges. Whether this is your first reading or you've been getting them for years, you will gain deeper clarity about your current adventures and cultivate peace, confidence, and gratitude that will help you in all of your life’s adventures.
Private Lesson
Study Astrology! This stuff is evolutionary rocket fuel. Whether you’re just getting started, or have been studying for years, a tutorial with Saleem will put wonderful new tools in your hands, and help you to apply this magical art to your everyday experiences and relationships more effectively. You will receive a ridiculously large pile of helpful handouts whose contents will be clarified by your intake responses. 
Return Client Check-In   
Need a little astro update? 
This session is available to returning clients who are ready for an infusion of cosmic inspiration and guidance. These check-ins can be more focused on processing and understanding current events, or more on getting resources to better understand charts and follow transits. Clarify your wishes in your response to the intake email. 

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