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Have your reading over the phone or in person at my office in Minneapolis. 

All sessions include copies of the charts we discuss and a recording of our session.

Readings are tailored to your original situation. Whether this is your first reading or you've been studying for years, you will gain clarity about your current adventures and cultivate peace, confidence, and gratitude that will help you on this strange journey.

Full Reading + Follow-Up   $222
 2 hours (plus a one-hour follow-up reading and more)
This package includes a full two-hour in-person reading which will shed light on the messages of your natal chart and current transits and progressions, and also a one-hour follow-up reading (over the phone or in person). Your questions can direct the flow, or I can use my astro-wit to flesh out the optimal routes of exploration for our session. 

We can focus on an in-depth interpretation of your birth chart, and just peek at the major influences that are currently hitting your chart, or we can make it more of a relationship or forecast-focused session. Either way, you'll leave with new appreciation for and clarity about  the stories of your life. Find new strength to receive the gifts of this life that you've come to enjoy.

Between sessions, you'll receive interpretation files, some guidance and homework, and an intake form for our follow-up reading (I like to have the follow-up within the next 2 months) 

Our follow-up will be a whole other shorter reading that is sometimes a review of and deepening of the messages of the first, and sometimes is a whole new adventure. 

Full Reading   $180
2 hours

Absorbing the gifts of your birth chart can (and does!) take a lifetime, but a comprehensive overview from a gifted professional can illuminate some of its hidden riches in just one sitting. In this reading we'll look at the lessons that are most pertinent for you right now. You'll walk away from this session with a deeper grasp of your life's mission, and understand more about the whys and hows of whatever situations you're currently navigating. 

Return Client Reading   $100
2 hours

Welcome back! How long has it been? Give me an idea of what's currently on your plate, and I'll get an original reading cooked up that will help you dive back into life with some renewed enthusiasm and courage. This session can be in-person or over-the-phone. Feel free to call to give me the scoop.

Return Client Check-In   $60
1 hour

Hello! Need a little astro update? 
Each of these readings (like everything else I offer) is totally custom. We can talk about your major transits, help you prepare for some upcoming event or project, help get some better astro tools into your hands, process a change that's getting moving... Let me know what you'd like to focus on, and I'll get it cooked up!

Relationship Readings
Relationships are complicated. Knowing the happy spots and the sticky spots and the past life contracts indicated between two charts can help immensely. What compatabilities and conflicts are inherent? We all have times of the month, and spells of melancholy on occasion. Finding compassion and appreciation for your partner's journey, and catching deeper glimpses of what you're working on together can take your evolving connection to the next level, and can also help you to release expectations and contracts that are no longer serving. 
Couple's Comparison  $280 
2.5 hours
In couple's consultations, I start with about half an hour on each individual's chart, and spend the second hour-and-a-half exploring the messages of the comparison and composite charts of the couple, and influences affecting the relationship at the moment. This type of reading is appropriate for couples who've been together for at least 9 months.

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