Innate Wholeness Astrology - Magnetize Your Destiny


with Heather Roan Robbins and Saleem Adam Wolter

Sunday, March 18th 11:15 am to 4:45 pm
at Holistic Gateway

Be a planet, act out a chart, and watch astrology breathe and come alive. We’ll start with a walking meditation based on the Sufi walks of the planets and embody each to warm up. Then, working on a zodiac on the floor, participants become Sun, Moon or planet (or stay as observer if they prefer) we’ll pick a handful of charts to work on, let the planets channel through us and interview each character to find out what it feels like to square Saturn, trine Pluto, or dangle out there lonely and un-aspected. Get a visceral feel for the interaction of aspects. Come with a question! The chart holder can ask questions of their planets and brainstorm with them to solve dilemmas. We can deepen our understanding of the charts dynamics whatever our level of astrological understanding.

*** Note: Bring a lunch! This workshop includes a lunch break. Holistic Gateway has a kitchen, including a fridge for storing your lunch, and a stove for heating it up.

*** Note: Acting out a chart is on a volunteer basis. All are welcome to participate and learn.

Cost: $65/NCGR members or $80/non-members

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Heather Roan Robbins is a choice-centered counseling astrologer and ceremonialist with 40 years’ experience in MN, NM, and NYC, and now MT. Former president of MNStars 2012-2015, she writes Mercurial Messages for The Edge Magazine, Starcodes column: Astrology by week, not sign, for The Santa Fe New Mexican, WeMoon Calendar, and, holds a weekly podcast on Blogtalk Radio:Access Astrology with NYC astrologers Anne Ortelee and Mark Wolz, and authored the books Moon Wisdom and Everyday Palmistry for Cico Books, UK. She now has an active practice by phone, Skype, and in person in the woods of Montana on the edges of the Salish Kootenai Reservation.

Saleem Adam Wolter is an evolutionary astrologer of 18 years’ experience. He shares monthly forecasts and personal readings from his office in Northeast Minneapolis. He is an experienced musician, certified leader of the Dances of Universal Peace, and initiate in the Sufi Ruhaniat order that birthed the Dances as well as the planetary walks and breathing practices. Saleem first met the Dances in Northern California where he lived and practiced as a massage therapist for seven years. He regularly hosts/co-hosts Sufi dances, kirtan concerts, and weekend workshops. Info on his offerings and events, both musical and astrological, can be found at


Cosmic Weather Forecast
at Holistic Gateway
Monday, April 2nd, 6:30 - 9:00 P.M.

6:30 - 9:00 P.M.

Come and learn about the planets' dances that are moving our world, and get some tools that can help you to ride these crazy waves of change with magical awareness.

You'll receive handouts to help you take advantage of the time-sensitive gates of opportunity, and to approach the challenging windows of the month with awareness.

We'll take a refreshment-enriched break to munch and mingle, and spend the last hour of the evening exploring participants' questions and astrological charts.

Bring an open mind, some mystical curiosity, and a snack to share if you like.

Looking forward,


at Holistic Gateway
(On the first Sunday of each month)

Sunday, April 1st, 7:00 - 9:15 pm 

Suggested donation: $10

Come and weave a circle of sacred presence with experienced seekers and curious newbies alike. 

We honor the spiritual traditions of the world by singing sacred songs and dancing simple steps in a circle of universal prayer. 

No former experience is necessary. You'll learn the words, songs and steps we'll be using in a comfortable setting. There are no performers and no audience members. This is a circle of healing presence. 

Words can't do justice to the beauty that unfolds here. Come and find out more for yourself.

All are welcome. Bring a snack to share if you like. 

I'm a certified dance leader who's been participating in the Dances since 2010, and have been on a program of intensive spiritual and musical study with Sufi mentors since April 2014.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions


For more info on the dances:

And the universal Sufi order they come from:

And other local Dances events:


Innate Wholeness Astrology
by Saleem

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